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A reactive catalogue around the outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine in 2022

  • Solidarity Concerts

    Showing solidarity with Ukraine through music with concerts from across Europe. The orchestra of the Ukrainian State Opera, the Hungarian company Recirquel, the Ukrainian metal band Jinjer and the Lithuanian National Opera Orchestra were among featured artists.

  • In depth documentaries

    With the outbreak of war, ARTE constantly proposed a great amount of in-depth documentaries and reports in 6 languages to better understand the background of the conflict.

  • Dispatches From Ukraine: Local Journalists Report

    Many local Ukrainian journalists didn’t expect to become war reporters overnight. But then their homeland became a warzone. As armies picked up guns, they picked up their cameras. presented this series in 6 languages and in collaboration with Ukrainian TV.

  • Tracks East

    The new culture ARTE format launched in 2022 goes East and meets artists and journalists to get a different perspective on the war in Ukraine.

  • Corner in Ukrainian

    Since the outbreak of war ARTE proposes a content corner in Ukrainian language, accessible via the English and Polish pages of the offer, to address Ukrainian people who had to flee and now live abroad.

  • Mama

    This Ukrainian fiction series adapted in 6 languages tells the story of Nina, a mother who fears the worst when she doesn’t hear back from her son on her birthday. With her son taken prisoner in the Donbass in 2014, she embarks on a perilous journey.

Highlighting 30 years of ARTE with a special season of programmes

  • Europe Revealed

    Shaken by the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, Europe is facing immense challenges: its dependence on fossil fuels, waves of migration, and collapsing biodiversity. Special documentary series around the 30 years of ARTE anniversary.

  • Vivaldi’s (uncertain) four seasons

    What will our future sound like if we don’t act now on climate change? On ARTE’s 30th birthday, the European cultural platform live-streamed an open-air concert from the Greek island of Delos in 6 languages that draw attention to the climate crisis and its potential consequences.

  • A New World

    In this 3-part docu series available in 6 languages, French environmental activist and director Cyril Dion goes to meet people who are taking radical steps to save the future of our continent.

  • Ring Cycle

    ARTE recorded the entire Ring cycle as an opera highlight in 2022, audiences all over Europe were able to binge-watch Wagner’s magnum opus in its entirety simply by going to

  • Ideas

    Love in the 21st century or an exclusive interview with French philosopher Bruno Latour: A new “ideas” corner on the ARTE offer in 6 languages, created in 2022, proposes debates around the biggest challenges of our times and gives impulses to help create a European public sphere.

Complementary projects enriching the catalogue in 6 languages

  • arteKino

    ARTE Kino

    which invites you to discover the films of young European filmmakers all year long, a classic cinema springtime highlight as well as a cinema festival in december.

  • The European collection

    The European Collection

    which brings together documentaries and reports on current affairs, politics and society in 6 languages co-published with different public broadcasters in Europe.

  • Arte Europe Weekly

    Arte Europe Weekly

    launched in 2022, a digital news magazine presented by four moderators in English, Spanish, French and German.

These different actions benefit from European co-financing under the MEDIA strand of the Creative Europe programme or the Preparatory Action « European Media Platforms »